Our Process

Our Process

This magical process begins its transformation from de moment that the seeds mature from the palm of tagua and fall to the ground  and we pick them up, then they are separated in bags that contain from three to five of them, we begin the process of draying them to be able to peel them so we can start to work and them so they  would show as its beautiful colors for which they  are known as the vegetable evory. The difference between this evory and others kind it is that it doesnt harm nature, it also does not harm animal life.

In TAGUARTE we respect nature, we to not harvest the seeds of tagua, we wait for them to fall naturally from the tree for then to be used.                                              

Thanks to the goodness  of this product, the hability of the hands of our handcraftsmans they could give multiple uses making a beautiful composition. In our case at  TAGUARTE  it is work ith very much care and love until we obtain a unique and exclusive jewell.


1. Process of the jewel of taguarte


2. Fom this palm tagua is born De (Pihtelephas Aequatorialis)


3. Tagua falls from the palm to the ground  natuarally


4. We then pick it up and the process of tagua begins