The designer

Patricia-foto-nuevaPatricia Morales Celi is Ecuadorian, from Quito. Her pseudonym is Patmoracel®. She always have had an inclination towards art, drawing, painting, decoration, but could not find the necessary motivation strong enough to make her abandon her routine and devote herself to unleash her creative abilities, abilities that we all carry asleep within us.

Approximately, about sixteen years ago she met Tagua and fell in love with her. She has worked it with passion, experimented with it, until finally discovering and learning everything about it, about its structure, composition, its benefits; She has disengaged its secrets, and how it likes to be carved , polished and dyed. Surely, it still has many new surprises to fuel Patricia´s imagination and keep her as before, fascinated by her work, to the point of considering: "I am a product of Tagua, Tagua its not a product of me." The result of this symbiosis between her and her passion for Tagua, is and implies a first class product, excellently prepared by her hands and proudly Ecuadorian.
Her products have traveled to most countries around the world, which speaks well of its quality and great artistic taste.